On Triumph and Trauma (In Development) Premiere May 2016

A provocative and powerful new work emerging in the wake of the centenial anniversary of the 1916 Rising. With a hundred years behind us we are caught with the heroes and demons of our past and, in the light of the economic collapse, the fraught unceratinty of our future. Triumph and Trauma is at once a poetic dedication to a turning point in the nations history and a rigorous examination of what Irish identity, politics and nationalism means today. 

A visually bold and physically visceral work for four performers, Triumph and Trauma creates a morphing landscape of creation and destruction as the ideas of nationalism, sacrifice, violence and memory are drawn and erased under starkly different lights. Drawing upon a wealth of investigative sourcing; including witness accounts from the Bureau of Military History, Transcripts from Dail and the writings of some of Ireland’s most accomplished scholars the work paints and analises the quiet day to day humanity that drove a country into an endless waltz of triumph and tragedy. 

With bold and dynamic choreography, a haunting soundscape and a constantly morphing design Triumph and Trauma draws the audience into an unpredicatble journey through the complexities of our past and the precipice of our future.

Initial Research funded by Arts Council Bursary Award 2014, DanceIreland/Tyrone Guthrie Centre Residency and 2014 Bessie Schoenberg Residency.

Production Co-commissioned by The Yard (Martha's Vineyard), Kelly Strayhorn Theatre (Pittsburgh), Pavilion Theatre (Dun Laoghaire) with residency support provided by Firkin Crane (Cork) and Dragon's Egg (CT)

Your Own Man/Mad Notions [Multi-Disciplinary Solo Project]  2015

Expanding his imagination into a project with three arms, Your Own Man/Mad Notions consist of a short solo performance work, a short film in collaboration with video artisy David Fishel and a photography installation in collaboration with photographer Hope Davis.

In this intimate and personal work Luke scales down and examines his opinions, his insecurities and his ambitions. Both an essay on the displacement of identity in ex-patriotism and an analysis of the concept of confession, Your Own Man/Mad Notions reveals the quiet story of a man from Cork, a dancer from Ireland and the difficulties of trying to play rugby with Americans. Both fragile and blunt this multi-disciplinary work examines the satisfaction of following your own path and the fear of straying too far from the flock.

Premiere: Feb 26th 2015 DanceLimerick, Limerick
March 1st 2015 Firkin Crane, Cork
May 21st/22nd/28th/29th 2015 Dublin Dance Festival RePresenting Ireland, Dublin
U.S Premiere: June 26th/27th 2015 University Settlement (NYC)

Directed, Choreographed and Performed by Luke Murphy
Film by David Fishel
Photography Installation by Hope Davis.

Supported by 2014 Arts Coucil Bursary Award and developed through a 2014 DanceLimerick Residency.

ICARUS (2013)

How high is too high and how much higher is 'too high to fall'?

Refocussing the Greek myth through a contemporary lens, Icarus examines how we relate to our ambitions, desires and dreams in a world where bigger is always better and more is always worth the risk. A haunting tale of seeing, soaring and falling, Icarus depicts the dual beauty and vulnerability of our own ambitions and the malevolent potential of our own ego.

Preview: June 8/9 2013 Tribeca Performing Arts Center NYC
Premiere: June 28-30 2013 Cork Midsummer Festival, Ireland
NY Premiere: Sept 5-7 New York Live Arts, NYC

Directed and Choreographed by Luke Murphy

Performed by Leslie Kraus, Phil Atkins, Peter Chamberlin, Luke Murphy, Tim Heck

Lighting Design/Production Stage Manager Carrie Wood

Music by Michael Wall

Sound Design by Luke Murphy

Costume Design by Juli Abene and Alex Abene

Production Assistant (Cork) Sarah Nagle